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Are your pumps easy to operate?
Yes. The operator only needs to follow the displayed commands and data, accept them {YES} or reject {NO}, and introduce the required values with numeric keypad.

Is it necessary to stop the infusion in order to change infusion parameters?
No. All infusion parameters can be easily modified in running course without the need for infusion interruption.

Why 2-piece syringes (without a rubber piston) cannot be used with syringe pumps?
2-piece syringes are not intended for use with syringe pumps. Delivering drugs with such syringes causes significant decrease in dosing accuracy, which may create a serious risk to the patient's health and even life.

Is it possible to programme two different infusions with your double-syringe pump?
Yes. Double-syringe pump consists of two independent and separately programmed channels indicated as A and B. Thus the pump can perform two different infusions at the same time.

Is your syringe pump only pole-mountable?
No. The pump can be also placed onto a horizontal surface (e.g. table) or, after changing the position of the incorporated clamp, attached to a horizontal pole.

What types and brands of syringes may be used with your syringe pumps?
Syringe pumps should be used only with 3-piece syringes (containing a rubber piston) most preferably with Luer-Lock connector. Ascor and Ascor MED syringe pump can be operated with a number of syringes calibrated in it's programme: 10, 20, 35, 50, 60 ml syringes of all world known brands, namely: B.Braun, B-D, Monoject, Codan, Terumo, Ivac, Injectomat, Pentaferte and others.

Can your syringe pumps be used in ambulances ?
Yes. All our syringe pumps can be satisfactory used in ambulances thanks to optional 10 - 15 VDC powering facility.

Is it possible to programme BOLUS volume in your syringe pumps?
Yes. Apart from the BOLUS rate also the volume of BOLUS dose can be programmed.

Is it possible to reduce residual BOLUS after occlusion release? Yes. It is possible in AP 12/22 and AP 14 syringe pumps thanks to anti-bolus system. After occlusion release the pump automatically reduces the residual BOLUS.

Is it possible to adjust the alarm volume?
Yes, the alarm volume is programmable at 3 different levels.

Is it possible to completely switch off the sound when an alarm is activated?
No. For safety reasons it is not possible. Each time an alarm is activated, it is indicated both audibly and visually. It is possible to temporarily mute the sound of alarm, however, after 2 minutes the audible tone is activated once again if the reason for an alarm has not been removed.

What is the accuracy of dosing guaranteed in ASCOR volumetric infusion pump?

Is it possible to use any standard PVC infusion set with your volumetric infusion pump?
No. Standard infusion sets used in gravity infusions are made of hard PVC, which makes them totally incompatible with the mechanism of the pump.

How log can ASCOSET infusion set be used ?
I.V set should be changed after 24 hours of continuous infusion.

Is it possible to mount several pumps to your infusion stand?
Yes, however, the total gross weight of the devices mounted cannot exceed 15 kg.

Can your infusion stand be used for mounting other medical equipment?
Yes. Please just note that the weight limit for the equipment is 15 kg.

Can AS system infusion stands be sterilized?
Yes. We recommend sterilizing with UV rays.

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